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Tokyo look

Product Classification List
Can Bow, Bag
  • Can Bow, Bag
  • $27.76
  • [3color] Good texture for every season with a solid texture Bag It is practical for a wide storage space
Topaz, Scarf
  • Topaz, Scarf
  • $21.70
  • A luxurious Silk scarf that is a stylish point in a variety of coordinated eye-catching Leopard patterns
[LOVE LINE] blond, Trench Coat (ver.Check) <br> <font color='red'>Finally stock ★! Pre-order 10% discount sale open! ★</font>
  • [LOVE LINE] blond, Trench Coat (ver.Check)
    Finally stock ★! Pre-order 10% discount sale open! ★
  • $84.74
  • [MADE] Love line trench coat of only bean style It is high quality 'love line' at reasonable price which is not anywhere
I'll admit, Blouse
  • I'll admit, Blouse
  • $41.10 (sold out)
  • Punching Race Blouse is a pure charm with unrivaled layered design on the frills.
Pits, Pants
  • Pits, Pants
  • $39.89
  • Denim Pants with unbalanced cutting process on the hem and stylish poin crotch
Full Setting, Shirt Skirt [Set] <br> <font color='gray'>Black same day when ordering alone</font>
  • Full Setting, Shirt Skirt [Set]
    Black same day when ordering alone
  • $55.16
  • Modernistic atmosphere Check pattern shirts and skirts set Two-piece set to use individually
Feminine, Blouse
  • Feminine, Blouse
  • $38.19
  • [4color] Blouse with a feminine atmosphere that is made in a wrap type and has the effect of making a waist line look slim
Let's go, Pants
  • Let's go, Pants
  • $41.10
  • The middle part of the skirt has been treated to cut Cutting is a sense of unique sense I feel good Denim Date Pants
Max Martin, Wapen
  • Max Martin, Wapen
  • $12.00
  • Items with a sense that will be a different point in coordination that looks unfeasible
Hm child, wapen
  • Hm child, wapen
  • $14.55
  • There are two different designs, one of which is a waffle detachable and can be used separately.
Tim Tam, Bag
  • Tim Tam, Bag
  • $39.89
  • Neat silhouette and plenty of storage space to carry around in a modern daily Bag
Ribs, earring
  • Ribs, earring
  • $14.55
  • Unique design of earring with leaves dropping in unbalanced length
Cullen, Loafers
  • Cullen, Loafers
  • $45.95
  • A slim couture feels a chic mood, plus three side buckles plus a vintage case Loafers
Goodies, Bag
  • Goodies, Bag
  • $28.97
  • [4color] Active design and material of crocodile leather
Leo Holic, Hat
  • Leo Holic, Hat
  • $20.49
  • [3color] Leopard pattern makes you feel stylish and gives a point to look
Star on, Sneakers
  • Star on, Sneakers
  • $27.76
  • [4color] ★ While basic bargain basement style Sneakers of good casual style
Honey Beam, Flat shoes
  • Honey Beam, Flat shoes
  • $40.61
  • [6color] Flat shoes that give a rounded front nose with a cuddly feel and a bowknot point
Calling, denim jacket <br> <font color='gray'>Same day shipping when ordering alone</font>
  • Calling, denim jacket
    Same day shipping when ordering alone
  • $57.83
  • Denim Jacket for casual wear Enjoy unusual sense of style with a sense of unbalance! Unique vitality to various items ~
Je t'aime, Dress
  • Je t'aime, Dress
  • $60.50
  • Flare pit with charrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ~ ~ waistbanding and skirt shearing details to make a feminine line Long one piece
Beatles Denim, Jump Suit
  • Beatles Denim, Jump Suit
  • $52.74
  • Denim jump suit that completes one's style with perfect one It is a stylish one if you roll up the waist line which is waisted with the built-in waist strap ~ hem.
Stop worrying, Knit <br> <font color='red'>★ The best item in KONGSTYLE !! ★</font>
  • Stop worrying, Knit
    ★ The best item in KONGSTYLE !! ★
  • $28.97
  • [4color] Knit neckline with attractive feminine weave added points with wave detail
What I chose Skirt <br> <font color='red'>★ The best item in KONGSTYLE !! ★</font>
  • What I chose Skirt
    ★ The best item in KONGSTYLE !! ★
  • $45.95
  • White stitching and side pocket details make it a casual point A line Rong skirt Rear banding for comfort!
Totally Perfect, Shirt
  • Totally Perfect, Shirt
  • $39.40
  • Unique color combination Stripe pattern stands out with a presence Shirt V The back line with pear is attractive to the back
Billon, Blooper
  • Billon, Blooper
  • $45.95
  • [3color] A modernistic atmosphere blur with a sense of depth in the USpace
Opponent, socks
  • Opponent, socks
  • $3.52
  • [8color] Recommended color collection by color! Twiddle design makes it a point not to be flat
Leopard, Jacket
  • Leopard, Jacket
  • $79.89
  • A trendy Leopard pattern of eye-catching Tailored Jacket Loose fit in a loose fit
Raybin, Knit
  • Raybin, Knit
  • $30.91
  • [6color] Corrugated Knit Neckline with a basic design that can match a variety of underpants. Rounded details and sleeves, punching hem points!
Flip, Pants
  • Flip, Pants
  • $33.34
  • The short line of legs looks longer. Denim Pants with hem detailing and fringe details become a stylish point.
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