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Lady Puff, T-shirt <br> <font color='gray'>mustard alone order same day shipment</font>
  • Lady Puff, T-shirt
    mustard alone order same day shipment
  • $24.13
  • [4color] T-shirt to give a clean and feminine atmosphere by giving the details in the shoulder part and detailing the puff sleeves
Candy Check, Shirt <br> <font color='red'>★ The best item in KONGSTYLE !! ★</font>
  • Candy Check, Shirt
    ★ The best item in KONGSTYLE !! ★
  • $31.40
  • Shirt that gives simple point with small check pattern! Loose One-size-fits-it-all
Self-luminous, One Piece <br> <font color='red'>★ The best item in KONGSTYLE !! ★</font>
  • Self-luminous, One Piece
    ★ The best item in KONGSTYLE !! ★
  • $24.13
  • The basic design, the waist line is caught, and it does not look,
Shurde Hood, T-shirt
  • Shurde Hood, T-shirt
  • $27.76
  • [4color] T-shirt with a stylish design with a hood Printing details on the back and sleeve parts key point!
Tender Smooth, T-shirt <br> <font color='gray'>Black / Beige Same day shipping when ordering alone</font>
  • Tender Smooth, T-shirt
    Black / Beige Same day shipping when ordering alone
  • $12.00
  • [7color] ★ Specials Soft and comfortable to wear with good material! The effect that the pit feeling flowing in the body is slim is seen until the effect ~
Beginning, Man to man
  • Beginning, Man to man
  • $24.13
  • It gives a youthful feeling by splashing back and forth with other printing Man to man It is convenient for everyone to enjoy in a comfortable size ~
Soporty, Busty
  • Soporty, Busty
  • $34.92
  • A bustier shoulder strap with a pure color and a Race embroidery point.
Crossing, lap skirt
  • Crossing, lap skirt
  • $45.95
  • # Wrap type Strap Denim Skirt which can be worn according to body shape It is ok to body cover by long emblem
Pants, Pants
  • Pants, Pants
  • $33.58
  • Delicate color and stitch points are attractive Pants in front of the pinch Wrinkles Point and generous silhouette in shape Cover good
Light Charm, Pants
  • Light Charm, Pants
  • $32.13
  • The casual and panty pants fit comfortably and cover the body.
Jesse, Skirt
  • Jesse, Skirt
  • $32.61
  • A small check pattern and a long, casual look, it is comfortable to wear with a rear banding and Flare line fit.
True Pit, Pants
  • True Pit, Pants
  • $32.61
  • Cutting process of the hem, but brilliant, Bright Denim color, while enjoying a casual daily Pants
Steady Selling, Pants
  • Steady Selling, Pants
  • $34.92
  • The unbalanced cutting of the hem is attractive Pants The slim fit line is completed with a slim fit!
Cheese cubes, bag
  • Cheese cubes, bag
  • $51.52
  • [5color] It is recommended as a cross-bag which has modernistic sensibility with a solid square shape and is easy to carry around.
Marse, Bag
  • Marse, Bag
  • $39.89
  • [4color] It is item which can make up casual atmosphere by adding point not to be plain with English printing!
Shop Land, Bag
  • Shop Land, Bag
  • $35.04
  • It is practical because it has a large size and a pouch inside the Neat-designed Shopper Bag.
Rich mood, blower
  • Rich mood, blower
  • $48.37
  • A classic sensual blooper that creates Chic atmosphere while seeking with a large ring buckle point
Modry, Bag
  • Modry, Bag
  • $31.40
  • Various silhouettes can be produced by adjusting the straps Neat design is a good item to match various look
Rejuvenate, Middle heel
  • Rejuvenate, Middle heel
  • $36.25
  • The slim front nose is feminine with a sophisticated Neat design and a ring buckle point to create a modernistic atmosphere Middle heel
Happy rubber, earring (Set)
  • Happy rubber, earring (Set)
  • $18.79
  • Set earring with 6 kinds of various designs is highly recommended as an excellent item and practicality.
Romance Flower, Monokini
  • Romance Flower, Monokini
  • $39.89
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