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Wind along, Pants
  • Wind along, Pants
  • $33.82 $27.88
  • Stylish Denim Pants with vintage color and trendy boot cut lines.
Goodgirl, Pants
  • Goodgirl, Pants
  • $36.25 $29.10
  • Boot cut Pitt makes a long leg line! Neat design with delicate wash and skirt fringe detail style up!
So pretty, Bustier
  • So pretty, Bustier
  • $34.92 $29.10
  • A bustier shoulder strap with a pure color and a Race embroidery point.
Steady Selling, Pants
  • Steady Selling, Pants
  • $34.92 $29.10
  • The unbalanced cutting of the hem is attractive Pants The slim fit line is completed with a slim fit!
Lovely Fit, Pants
  • Lovely Fit, Pants
  • $32.61 $26.67
  • Cutting process of the hem, but brilliant, Bright Denim color, while enjoying a casual daily Pants
Blending Check, Skirt
  • Blending Check, Skirt
  • $33.58 $27.88
  • The silhouette of the Neat silhouette with a sense of long stretch to fall straight! Modern and retro mood color combination with love ~
Complete body shape, One Piece
  • Complete body shape, One Piece
  • $24.13 $19.40
  • One Piece to show off a feminine silhouette as if decorating in a casual Stripe pattern.
Madeleine, T-shirt
  • Madeleine, T-shirt
  • $24.13 $19.40
  • T-shirt with a charming witty print! Pants, Skirt Help me make sense of everything together without any obstacles.
No T-shirts <br> <font color='gray'>Black same day when ordering alone</font>
  • No T-shirts
    Black same day when ordering alone
  • $16.85 $14.55
  • [4color] Bust line center point side pearl button key point! Neckline and sleeves at the edge of the wave finishing treatment is very reasonable ~
Emotional outing, wrap cardigan
  • Emotional outing, wrap cardigan
  • $33.58 $27.88
  • [4color] Deep v neck line and lap design Feminine mood Cardigan Slim waist line if you tighten the strap to fit the waist line ok
Rejuvenate, Middle heel
  • Rejuvenate, Middle heel
  • $36.25 $29.10
  • The slim front nose is feminine with a sophisticated Neat design and a ring buckle point to create a modernistic atmosphere Middle heel
Flower Ring, Eco Bag
  • Flower Ring, Eco Bag
  • $27.76 $23.03
  • Glamorous Flower Pattern Eco Bag Enlargement of Eyes Better to point to plain look
Summer Magic, Skirt <br> <font color='red'>★ The best item in KONGSTYLE !! ★</font>
  • Summer Magic, Skirt
    ★ The best item in KONGSTYLE !! ★
  • $33.82 $27.88
  • [5color] # Linen100 Skirt comfortable to wear with long waist and waist banding Deep in the hem, to the active and subtle sexy!
Pretty, Blouse
  • Pretty, Blouse
  • $32.61 $26.67
  • [4color] Flower Race pattern is feminine ~ Slightly sexy with a gleaming texture! Blouse with luxurious points with front pearl button
Mono boom boom, lap skirt
  • Mono boom boom, lap skirt
  • $35.76 $29.10
  • Unbalanced design button Open Closure is a unique point A line Denim wrap skirt
Summer Eve, Pants
  • Summer Eve, Pants
  • $27.76 $23.03
  • Basic Black color knee knife cut cuts, plus chic points Skinny Pants Stretch out a slim leg line
Ribbon Rilia, Blouse <br> <font color='red'>★ The best item in KONGSTYLE !! ★</font> <br> <font color='gray'>When ordering orange alone, ships same day</font>
  • Ribbon Rilia, Blouse
    ★ The best item in KONGSTYLE !! ★
    When ordering orange alone, ships same day
  • $21.70 $18.19
  • [3color] Back line bowknot Blouse which strap becomes lovely point It is good to produce trendy with short feeling
Ellis Jane, One Piece <br> <font color='red'>★ The best item in KONGSTYLE !! ★</font>
  • Ellis Jane, One Piece
    ★ The best item in KONGSTYLE !! ★
  • $43.04 $36.37
  • Stripe pattern is not faded. One Piece side strap is good to enjoy every season.
Love Chloe, Dress <br> <font color='red'>★ The best item in KONGSTYLE !! ★</font> <br> <font color='gray'>Same day red when ordering alone</font>
  • Love Chloe, Dress
    ★ The best item in KONGSTYLE !! ★
    Same day red when ordering alone
  • $33.82 $27.88
  • One Piece Shoulder with lovely flower pattern and sparkling color, feminine with upside-down v-neck line
Jane chain, Bag
  • Jane chain, Bag
  • $47.89 $38.79
  • A luxurious point with a Bag Silver chain strap designed for a casual look that is well suited for a variety of looks.
clean and cool, Pants
  • clean and cool, Pants
  • $36.25 $29.10
  • A nice semi-boot cut with stylish points Denim Pants Diagonal Cutting and styling with surgery details
Sun Rising, Pants
  • Sun Rising, Pants
  • $48.37 $38.79
  • A waist line with a tight waist at high waist! Stylish Denim Pants with long length and wide boot cut pit
Catch the eyes, Skirt <br> <font color='gray'>Brown same day when ordering alone</font>
  • Catch the eyes, Skirt
    Brown same day when ordering alone
  • $31.40 $25.46
  • A trendy Leopard pattern charming A line Mini skirt A stylish point for various items!
Tricks, Pants
  • Tricks, Pants
  • $31.40 $25.46
  • The semi-boot cut pants that are good to enjoy in daily use
Stylish volume,Check Skirt <br> <font color='gray'>same day when ordering conch alone</font>
  • Stylish volume,Check Skirt
    same day when ordering conch alone
  • $51.52 $41.22
  • Unique Check Skirt to help you create a volume-inspired pit with a shearing point on the front. The leg line exposed by the unbalanced feeling is sexy.
In the knit, Bag
  • In the knit, Bag
  • $32.61 $26.67
  • [4color] Neat design with tight weave and unique square-shaped bag without baggage.
Shooting Strap, Pants
  • Shooting Strap, Pants
  • $32.13 $26.67
  • Can be used as a set of belts good! Slim pit's top and Crop Length tops are recommended. Vintage knife cut and naturally wrinkled waist pants are attractive.
Purse, Pants
  • Purse, Pants
  • $31.40 $25.46
  • Delicate washing feeling and natural cut in the skirt are recommended as daily pants with short pants Summer Basic item.
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